Just a Minute Monday – Why Yes, I Might Be Mentally Ill

Well, there’s a prequel to this project, but it takes rather longer than a minute, and I don’t want to wait another week to get this little bit of weirdness off my chest.

You see, I have a pair of cute IKEA spice racks beside my stove, an addition from the light kitchen makeover of 2011. Have I not told you about that? Sigh, later, I promise. I do not have cute spices. I’ve been seeking cute little uniform jars, but have yet to find any small enough to put at least six spices per rack. For now, Kroger canned spices seem to be the most space efficient, with a problem: Not cute. When the text faces horizontally, the ugly bar code shows. I know, first world problem. But anyway…

Exhibit A:


What, you don’t think it’s beyond offensive? I know, I know. But, it bugged me. The aforementioned secret project used metallic spray paint, and my first plan involved taping off the spice name and painting the rest of the can gold. Honestly, I don’t know why I changed direction. Maybe all the Washi tape hype…

…Wow, this is a lot of typing, basically to say – I wrapped my spice cans with Frog tape and I love it.



If you need me, I’ll be in my rubber room.


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