Another Way to Wear a Men’s Button-Down Shirt

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the ubiquitous, “Step into a men’s shirt, pull it up under your armpits, button it as high as it will go, tie arms in front of waist and call it the cutest dress EVER(!)” Um, no. This is only cute if the wearer is freakishly underweight and you squint a little to overlook the distinctly shirtlike aspects of the “dress”.

This is all well and good if all your cute men’s shirts are hanging happily from your man! But recently, one of my own man’s shirts became mysteriously too small, and I hated to get rid of it as its tan/cream/blue scheme was a favorite of mine. The solution? Cute, well fitting throw pillow!

Um, before:


There are dozens of envelope, zipper, and sewn-shut pillow tutorials on the Internet and this one isn’t much different. The exceptions are as follows:

1. Use a seam ripper to carefully remove the pocket. Or don’t, is you want you pillow to seem more shirty. It could be a cute place to keep a Chapstick.


Carefully cut squares from the front and back of the shirt a couple inches larger than your pillow form. Put right sides together and sew. The awesome thing is that the button front of the shirt makes the cover removable and washable without any additional closures.


And…That’s it. Cute, easy, and (if you have an old pillow and don’t have to buy an insert) free! The button detail is super-cute on the front or, if you rather have a more plain look, turn them to the back. Enjoy!




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