A Good Place to Go

I knew when we moved into this house that the journey to make it mine would be a long one.  There have been delays, setbacks, more delays, failures, disagreements…but slowly it’s feeling like home.  First a couple of small spaces, then a larger room or two.  I think when I finished our powder room this week, I turned a corner. More of this house feels like me that doesn’t.  I also just started feeling like inviting guests.  There is still a loooong way to go, and endless projects on the horizon but, well, at least there is a cute place to poop.

Before – Vomit colored walls (And the area behind the mirror and light fixture left unpainted.  What?) And just…not us:Image

After – Light replaced, ceiling paneled in pine and washed a light aqua, ceiling and window trimmed, wallpaper installed (HOLY HARD), mirror switched out for a hand-me-down antique, hand towel ring and toilet paper holder spray painted and rehung, and old baskets re-purposed for storage.  All I need are a new toilet seat and rug, but overall I’m enchanted.  Thanks for checking it out:Image



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