Just a Minute Monday

I promise not to have a kitschy theme for every day of the week, but I thought Monday, in all its, “Seriously, WHAT happened to the weekend?” busyness would be a good day to post those small, less-than-earth-shattering projects that just add a little something-something.

Enter, the book box.  I can’t remember where my parents got this old wood box, but it has been floating around my life for at least a decade, holding toys, shoes in my room, the boys’ old shared room, the hall closet…I think it served as a side table at one point even.  I don’t have a true “before” picture.  The box was originally an unfinished wood color with some random yellow and pink boards. Pretty cute now that I’m remembering it, and I probably shouldn’t have ever painted it to begin with.  Hindsight, right?  The dark green is from its turn as a shoe holding box in the boys’ closet in our old house.  Anyway, here, with our mobile little girl, little dog, and two stories, we need to have fun books on both levels.  Alice has a charming bookcase, but downstairs we needed something to just toss them in for a quick cleanup.  I think this box is just the solution.  I painted a fun, freehand zig-zag in gray and white, and aqua on the inside.  I think it’s a sweet little note in our current yellow study/playroom.




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