Friday Rewind…Laundry Room Makeover

As I try to become a more regular poster (Hey, you over there, stop laughing!), I hope to share all of the things that are going on in the now – with the kids (Hey, we had a third!), the dog (Hey, we got a dog!), and the house.  But while I’ve been sitting on my blogging hands, I’ve been hard at work doing other crafts, projects, and updates.  I hope to share these in the Friday Rewind.  

Our “new” (as of today, we’ve lived here a little over a year) house was a downsize in the laundry room department.  Our old facility was large enough that, aside from adding a bookcase for cleaning products and some sorting bins, I never felt a need to do much in the way of organization.  Here is another story.  Let’s visit the “Before” look:



YIKES! Messy, crowded, disorganized and, frankly, ugly.  The color was a weird, cold(!) yellow, the hookups were very prominent above the washer and dryer, and I just hated to go in for any reason.  Not good when laundry is pretty much a daily occurrence in a five-person household.

About the time I got completely fed up with this room, a miracle happened.  A good friend flooded her laundry room.  Okay, maybe not a miracle, but since her lower cabinets and floors were ruined, she was lucky enough to get a whole room makeover to turn her laundry into her dream utility/mudroom, and I got her old upper cabinets.  FREE, my favorite price point!

I drew out my plan and got to work.  I hung the cabinets high, only a few inches from the ceiling, to allow for a floating shelf beneath, and for the ceiling trim to tie directly into the cabinets.  The long bank of cabinets hides beach towels, cleaning supplies, craft supplies, and my steamer.  On the left, an open cabinet is outfitted with Walmart lidded bins, clearance priced at $2.50 apiece.  The labels were free printables from the Better Homes and Gardens website.  The bins hold sewing supplies, batteries, light bulbs, and an assortment of other “junk drawer” type items.  I trimmed out the window, which was semi-disastrous.  I learned a LOT about what not to do when I trim out my next window.  A floating shelf with a dummy front covers the washer dryer hookup, and a new IKEA drying rack and high hanging bar give me a flexible area above the utility sink.  The new IKEA light fixture is better centered between the cabinets and was a steal at $9.99.  I still have hopes to change out the unattractive vinyl floor and possibly add a sink cabinet and farm sink but, for now, a cute indoor/outdoor carpet runner and a home-sewn sink skirt are just fine.  I would estimate that the entire project came in for around $150, between the lumber, the paint, fabric, rug, and drying rack.





Thanks for checking it out!  Laundry only sucks about 75% as much now!


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