I’m It

My friend Heather did this to me on Facebook.  I got so much out of reading hers that I actually decided to participate.  It took me all day, so I’m putting it on here too.  I hope you and I are still friends after.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. I am prejudiced against Canadians. As a rule they drive me nuts, and I start to get wary the moment I find out someone hails from north of the border. Texans generally bug me too.

2. When I was in my teens (and interestingly, had my first subscription to Seventeen magazine), I really REALLY wanted to be a model – and dreamed about it all the time. The only things that held me back were being too short, too fat, and not pretty enough.

3. I love to poke the bear. Afraid of birds? I’ll send you a picture of me covered in birds. Do certain words freak you out? I’ll say them as much as I can, sometimes even if the context isn’t quite right. I apologize for being this way, and would never push it to the point of being hurtful.

4. In third grade I had quite the hallucinogenic experience, and wound up in the hospital for three days after eating the orange seeds from inside a thistle pod. Scared the bejeezus out of my parents and missed Thanksgiving dinner. As an adult, I’d love to go give ’em another go.

5. I LOVE old stuff. Furniture, houses, clothes. I do not love antiques, as I’m not a careful person. Just old and ratty please.

6. I am a walking, talking crisis of faith. I didn’t believe in God until I was in my early twenties and, after seven or eight years, couldn’t hang onto the feeling of a higher being. I can’t imagine EVER telling my children this, as I feel that faith is the cornerstone of humanity.

7. I get very, VERY jealous, very easily. Over stupid stuff – travel, appliances, cars, kids, pets, you name it. It doesn’t usually last, and I NEVER tell.

8. I judge people who have terrible spelling and grammar – especially if they homeschool.

9. I have two separate sets of scars that were acquired while rolling down hills – once in a box, once in a pipe.

10. My favorite daydream is running off to the tropics and being some sort of beach bum waitress. I also imagine driving my car off the edge of most bridges and overpasses when I cross over them. It’s almost a struggle to keep the wheel straight. Oddly, I’m quite happy and content most of the time.

11. I LOVE having company – watching other people’s kids, sleepovers, having friends over for dinner, parties, weekend guests, whatever. I love to host. I would rather have people in my home than go out any day of the week.

12. I don’t like animals very much. I like to visit my friends’ but I don’t really want one of my own. Except maybe a goat. A friend’s ex-girlfriend told me she feels the same way about kids.

13. Elderly people creep me out and scare me. I find this really embarrassing, and am working hard on getting over it.

14. I will spend hours and hours online filling up virtual shopping carts with things I’d like to have, but never buying them. Well, not never, but rarely.

15. I wish I hadn’t gone to college.

16. I’m a sneak eater. I’ll go out to eat, get carry-out, or even bake batches of cookies and eat them all and not tell anyone.

17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE West Virginia. An almost unreasonable amount. To the point that my eyes tear up every time I cross the Memorial Bridge. But I wouldn’t want to live there again.

18. I really like to go out alone – shopping, dinner, movies, whatever. I enjoy going with friends and my husband, but going solo is just as good.

19. When there isn’t another adult in the car with me, I keep up a running commentary while I’m driving. Things like, “There you go buddy, go ahead and get over now,” or, “Was that really necessary. There’s no need to be rude,” or, “I’m really sorry, my bad.” I bet someday my kids will think I’m nuts.

20. I hate shoes that tie. The only pair I have are sneakers, and I usually just keep them tied and squash my foot in. But I only wear them to the gym.

21. I LOVE to have my scalp massaged. And to have my hair washed at the salon. I swear, if I had a tail, it would wag.

22. I totally love having a mini-van, and have never understood the “I’m too cool to drive one” mentality. I can fit six kids or a 4’x8′ sheet of plywood in there – and have!

23. I would like to be a cabinetmaker.

24. I wait until the last possible moment to do everything. A trait I thought I’d grow out of.

25. My parents are definitely among my top five closest friends.


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