I Promise Not To Tell a Soul…

…that I wrote a blog post today.  Or you might read it.  And expect another.  And we just can’t have that, can we? So if you happen to run across this?  Well, just pretend you didn’t.

Did you know that I might very well be the last adult in the first world to be untied from the heavy apron strings of the desktop computer?  True that.  Now I find myself surfing my six favorite websites in the weirdest places.  It sort of reminds me of having teenage sex in the back of a pickup truck.  Was it mostly because I wanted to very, very much?  Well, yeah.  Was it at least the tiniest bit so I could say that I had?  Sure.  And minus that thick, raging with hormones buzz, realizing that I can get online at Subway gives me the same feeling. 

Thank you darling, for both experiences.


2 responses to “I Promise Not To Tell a Soul…

  1. Just don’t share with us that you are chatting on facebook or to OM while having sex in the van with your darling.

  2. ROFL! I love it. Go N!

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