What was I going to say?

So I had a brilliant idea.  Brilliant, I tell you.  Funny stories, interesting facts, noteworthy stories – well, to me anyway – cross my mind dozens of times a day.  Are these nuggets worthy of being in the public eye (which I’m actually pretty sure means “telling Dale.”)?  Nah.  But they’re things I’d like to remember, so they’re worth putting fingers to keyboard.  Problem is, I don’t have time (You’re laughing, aren’t you Dale?  So what if my ass is glued to this chair?)   Okay, maybe I do have time.  But I’m often lacking in concentration, attention, and of course, patience.  So…back to the brilliant idea. 

I will title and begin the post when I have the original idea.  Then later, when I’m feeling really into it, go back and finish the post.  Thereby eliminating any forgotten anecdotes.  Smart, right?  Yeah, smart.  Except for one problem.  So far, every time I’ve used my little trick – probably a half a dozen times or so – I go back and am completely clueless as to what I originally wanted to say.  Not even a glimmer of a memory. 


So I’m thinking of putting them up anyway.  Like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel, you can decide how my stories end.   


2 responses to “What was I going to say?

  1. Just do it!!! Go Lori, Go Lori, Go GO GO LORI!

    Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery… lol

  2. I LOVED choose you own adventure books!
    LOL. I have tiny pieces of paper lying around with “blog entry ideas” and I NEVER get to them. I say you just do a post every month with just titles which could have and would have been posts if you had time. 🙂

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