The Itch

When I got married, one of our non-registry gifts was a very thoughtful Kim Anderson scrapbook kit, full of darling little black and white pictures of miniature child brides and grooms.  I hated it.  It sat in the box for the first year of our marriage, while I determined when I could donate it to charity without being a bad person. 

 Then I found out we were expecting.  Woo HOO!   Can you say, “excited?”  I was all about pregnancy.  I had my first ultrasound at seven weeks, and when they gave me the mottled little printouts, I was like, “What do I do with these?”  The obvious answer?  Scrapbook!  So I went home and dug out that awful boxed kit from my wedding.  I had some really cute animal wrapping paper, and used that to decoupage over the offensive child couple on the front of the album.  The kit came with plenty of stickers, a glue stick, and paper (which of course had annoying little graphics on it, but the reverse sides were white!), so I went to town.  Using my new kit, and my own markers and art supplies, I did my very first scrapbook page.  “We’re having a baby!  Due, 10-18-01!”  It was really, really ugly.  I didn’t even know at the time that scrapbooking (scrapping, cropping, whatever) was something people did.  Yes, kids, I thought I was original.  I didn’t know about the existence of specialty papers (I used construction), die cuts, rub-ons, embellishments, none of themI was the caveman of scrappers.

Since then, I have often been overwhelmed by layouts I’ve seen, crafted by some pretty amazing women.  They can only be called art, and it’s somewhere in my lofty goals to someday create a page even half as beautiful.  But I haven’t touched the stuff in two years.  When we moved to our darling little house, I completely lost any space I had to pull out my things and create a page.  I suppose the kitchen counter would work, but I’d like to avoid butter stains and the inadvertent bacon splatter that is a sure thing in this house.  I always knew I’d scrap again someday, but have waited patiently for a little corner of my own in our soon to be finished basement.  The real rub is that we live in a fantastic city, and scrapbook stores abound.  I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t even walk in the door until my space is ready to work – and I kept that promise.  Until yesterday.  A friend of mine needed to come up with a layout for a scrapbook being compiled as a wedding gift for her future sister-in-law.  And she came to me for help.  Well I am nothing if not a helper.  So I went with her to the local Archivers to pick out some papers for her horseback-riding-in-the-surf themed page. 

Oh. My. God.  Things have changed so much since I last bought a fancy paper or bit of ribbon for a page.  The patterns!  The colors!  The variety!  The EMBELLISHMENTS.  I am completely frothing at the mouth with excitement and anticipation to dig my hot little hands through just the clearance paper section of this scrappers’ Mecca.

 I need to go back to my list of gifts and givers and re-thank whoever gave us that scrapbook kit for a wedding present.  She’s responsible for motivating me to go downstairs tonight to finish up my little office corner, and for supplying me with a hobby that will last all my life.


2 responses to “The Itch

  1. You MUST post any layouts – yours will be as gorgeous as Marti’s and Jen’s!

    My stuff is all packed away… and I haven’t even printed digital pictures for over a year now. *hides* Maybe when the soccer and swimming activities are over for the season…

  2. Your room sure looked close enough to ready if you ask me… I love your scrap/art room!

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