Just in case you live under a rock, it’s NCAA Basketball Tournament time.  I’m pretty sure the playoff season is known in most circles as “March Madness”, but here, it has actually altered the very calendar we live by every day.  There is no longer the month of March, kids; not any more.  It’s a time where the one and only TV in our home is tuned to college basketball every hour of every evening – and some afternoons.  And if the game isn’t being shown at home, then it’s off to the bar with my darling spouse.  Oh, and did I mention that watching college basketball on television is…well, let’s just say it isn’t in my top ten favorite things to do.  Or top thousand things to do for that matter.  In fact, I’d rather have my head shaved.  With a dull blade.

 Note to self:  There is NO shame in having a second functioning TV…


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