Now, where’d I put my ark?

It’s raining.  A lot.  And the interesting thing about this?  It’s already rained a LOT this winter.  And snowed a good bit, for that matter.  Our ground is super-saturated, so there’s nowhere for this rain to go, other than the rivers and streams.  The Little Miami Valley, kids, is flooding.  Log’s school is canceled for the day, but Spence’s – up in Dayton and out of the danger zone (I felt awesome typing that – “danger zone” – like maybe the rest of us are in a place where there’s no guarantee that we won’t be zapped by a Zorgon death ray.) was held as usual. 

 So what are my big plans for today?  Well they mostly involve going to the basement every twenty minutes to check the sump pump, which pumps water from under my house, keeping it toasty dry.  Because in the last month, I’ve laid roughly an acre of flooring.  Which is MDF based.  Which, to the product-savvy reader means medium density fiberboard.  But you could just call it a SPONGE if you want to.  It would be some sort of ironic if our first basement flood since moving into this house occured after finally putting something nice on the floor.  And I don’t appreciate irony. At all.  Do you hear me universe?!

The upside?  Now we have our own private moat.

“Dare ye cross this water and I and my trusty sword will REND you limb from limb fool!”


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