Note to Self:

When the heat index is over a hundred degrees it’s probably not the best idea to spend the day at the amusement park. 

I have to say, living minutes away from Kings Island has been one of the cooler benefits of the move to the Cincinnati suburbs.  My parents have been generous enough to gift us with season passes for the last two summers and, to say the least, we have had a BLAST.  We start going on the weekends when the park opens in April, and keep it up pretty much through October, when they close down for the winter.  With a noticeable gap in visits around, um, AUGUST.

But N’s parents had a free day and wanted to bring his sister-in-law and family here for some of the fun.  Now we’ve resided here for nearly two years, at a distance that’s almost FOUR hours closer to the ‘burg than our former home, and the SIL and kids have not yet been to visit.  Which is just a travesty really, but life happens.  So, excited to have them here for any reason, I immediately said yes to the big travel plan.  They would arrive late Monday evening, and the women and children would have a K.I. day while the men kayaked the Little Miami. 

The first minor hurdle involved sleeping five adults and five children in what is really a tiny little house.   And believe me when I say, I think there’s a special place in hell reserved for daughters-in-law like me – who let the mother of her husband sleep on the floor with a rolled up towel for a pillow and another towel for a blanket.  I swear, world, I offered her a blanket. 

So we hit the amusement park yesterday morning.  Temperature? 97 degrees.  Heat Index?  103 degrees.  Sweat?  Copious.  Tempers?  Oh, high; very high.  But we did it.  And after a very sticky and grumpy morning, some ridiculously high priced pizza (Thanks MIL!), and a long walk to the train, we hit the water park.  Which was such a relief I don’t think it could have been a bad time – even when we were evacuated from one of the kid’s pools for a “safety break” – which is code for “much poop in the pool.”

I’d like to say it all ends here, but we decided to bring the three younger boys back home, and to take my older niece and nephew back to the park to ride some rides that aren’t meant for the midget set.  And you know, despite sweating through the third set of clothes of the day, we had a good time.  And I came home mildly nauseous, which generally means a successful thrill was had.  We waved cheerfully goodbye when they all left in the evening.

 But this morning?  Every single pore on my face bloomed with a tiny whitehead.  And after a day like yesterday, that’s just mean.


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